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The links relating to semantic cuisine have been collected here for use by Hospitality students and others on related courses.   Much later, it may be adapted for use by the general reader. 

This is a no-frills mini-website devoted to investigating "cuisine" for new-comers to the more serious use of the everyday word attached to, say, a country as in "The cuisine of France" or "French cuisine".  

Many of the pages on this site serve only as links to my website on gastronomy. 

They are based on two of my publications dealing with a model of cuisine.  

Students will find their own page on this site at the foot of the page.  That page and the two which followed have been overtaken by time. As you see on the Update page, you are no longer recommended to obtain an overview of the other pages. 

Email questions, comment and suggestions are welcome via the Contact page.

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